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Posted on May 18, 2020 at 3:35 AM

CORONACLE – no, we haven’t made a ridiculous spelling mistake! It is a hybrid of Coronavirus and Chronicle and it is our new weekly newsletter to keep lines of communication open during this period when public worship in the church has been suspended. We are in strange and unprecedented times and all of us are learning the essentials of living through it. Things that we have taken for granted are now difficult. Feeling part of a community and having regular contact with others by phone, or some other means, is more important than ever. For those that have access to the internet I am using Twitter to publish a Bible verse for the day. There are also videos of services recorded twice a week. All of these can be accessed through our parish website. Not everyone will be able to access these resources and this weekly digest will attempt to fill that gap. But there is more to being a community than worshipping together. For some the inability to get out to the shops – or find what they need when they do get there – is severely restricting. We do have some volunteers that can help those that need it – with shopping or simply picking up a phone to check that all is okay. Being in lock-down is not pleasant but do remember that after the crucifixion the disciples were in a locked room, but Jesus came and stood amongst them and reveal his resurrection. Even when we cannot get to church God is still with us wherever we are.

 Fr Philip

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